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Battery Powered PAT Tester

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MemoryPAT & MemoryPAT-Blu

Battery Powered Portable Appliance Tester with Display & Memory

Test results downloadable to PC & Android device

Q   Can I test IT equipment with the BattPAT PAT tester?

A   Yes. The BattPAT PAT tester is quite safe to test all appliances including IT.


Q   Does the BattPAT PAT tester download information to a PC?

A   No. The BattPAT PAT tester is a simple PASS/FAIL tester of a type recommended by the HSE for use by non-electricians.


Q   How long does the battery last?

A   One can carry out more than 700 tests on a fully charged battery.


Q   Do I have to have the PAT tester calibrated?

A   Yes. Most manufacturers recommend an annual calibration. This  is essential to check that the PAT tester is continuing to measure accurately.


Q   Do I have to be trained to use this PAT tester?

A   This is a simple to use PAT tester and after a quick read of the manual you can start testing. However a training course is useful to understand how to set up and run PAT testing in a workplace. It also gives you a chance to get some practical experience of testing.


Q   This PAT tester doesn't display the test results. Is this a problem?

A   For most users a simple PASS / FAIL is more than adequate to check the safety of appliances. A tester which displays results is only required if you were an electrician and knew how to interpret this.


Q   Can I test 110 V appliances with this PAT tester?

A    Yes. Various adaptors are available for use with the BattPAT PAT tester such as for 110V and 3-phase appliances.


Q   I've been told I need to test at 25 Amps. Is this true?

A   No. Some electricians believe this to be the case but it is not necessary and can cause damage to IT equipment.


Q   I've been told Pass/Fail PAT testers cannot test long extension leads. Is this true?

A    No. This PAT tester has a long lead facility & can test leads of up to 40 meters.


Q   Can I use the PAT tester from the mains if the battery is flat?

A   Yes. If the battery needs charging, simply plug the charger into the BattPAT and use it straight away.

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